The Odyssey 

Logline : After a natural disaster kills most of the population, a man walks the length of Britain to get to London to find his wife but he crosses paths with a range of communities trying to carry on a normal life bereft of the amenities they once took for granted. Each has very different ideas of what they want their future society to be.

It’s set a year or so into the future. It’s technically sci-fi but close enough to now that there's no future technology. It’s slightly post-apocalyptic so things are starting to go downhill. The aesthetic is kind of frontier cowboy but the Indians are London punks and goths. The story is based loosely on an Ancient Greek poem and to top it off, it’s a road movie with no vehicles because all the petrol has been confiscated.

Filming of The Odyssey was underway but has had to be temporarily shut down due to Covid restrictions.