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Obverse Films is a film production company dedicated to creating films with a twist and with more than one story to tell. In addition to a slate of feature films in various stages of production, Obverse FIlms also produces narrative and documentary short form films and music videos.  

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Current Feature Film Projects

Below are some of the current and recent feature film projects we have been working on.

Laundry Service

When the local money launder who treads a fine line between rival gangs is tricked into double-crossing one of them, he doesn't know who to trust as more gang members are sent to retrieve the goods he had a hand in stealing.

The Colour of Everything

The HR head of a university is sent out to the remote farm on which a wayward professor has retreated to to complete his research in peace. The vice chancellor wants him retired off but the HR head is drawn into his research and must decide if he is on the verge of a breakthrough or losing grip on reality all-together.

Remember Remember : Grace and Mercy

Guy Fawkes leads a dedicated team of hunters in an epic battle for survival against a vampire infested aristocracy determined to seize the throne of 17th century England.

The Odyssey

After a natural disaster kills most of the population, a man walks the length of Britain to get to London to find his wife but he crosses paths with a range of communities trying to carry on a normal life bereft of the amenities they once took for granted. Each has very different ideas of what they want their future society to be.

Current Short Film Projects

Below are some of the short films Obverse Films has produced or collaborated on currently showing at international film festivals. 


Obverse Films Ltd is currently involved in the production of a slate of narrative features but we also produce narrative and documentary shorts, promotional and music videos. Our sister company Obverse Film Services Ltd can help with equipment rental, actors showreels, head shots, photographic services and event live streaming. Obverse Films is based in Leeds, UK.


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