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Laundry Service Releasing is the IP holding company for the "Laundry Service" feature film and associated media. "Laundry Service" will be going into pre-production in 2022 with Obverse Films Ltd as the lead production company.

Feature Film Development

First in the Laundry Service franchise will be the "Laundry Service" feature film, slated for a 2023 release.

Laundry Service

Logline : "When the local money launder who treads a fine line between rival gangs is tricked into double-crossing one of them, he doesn't know who to trust as more gang members are sent to retrieve the goods he had a hand in stealing."

Laundry Service is a crime comedy in the style of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch but involving US gangs in the North of England.

In this fish-out-of-water crime-comedy, rival gangs send members over from LA and NY to try to find out what happened to a shipment stolen on route to buyers in the North of England. While their respective gang leaders try to control what's happening by phone, the gang members sent over are lost in very unfamilar terriory and well out of their depth. Local gang members wanting a piece of the action complicate matters and matters come to a head as the local money launderer who was double-crossed and tricked into organising the heist tries to resolve the situation.

"Laundry Service" intends to tap into the hip-hop cultures of both the US and UK by casting some roles from within the repective genres. We believe this and a suitably complementary score will help attract an audience on both sides of the Atlantic as well as further afield.

Press Releases

News about the development of the Laundry Service film and franchise.


Laundry Service Releasing is handling the IP rights to the Laundry Service film and franchise. The first feature is expected to enter pre-production in 2022 with a potential series in development soon after.


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